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  Vol. 1. (No.1)                    2006 

  Editors Note:   Scientists report on efficacy of cis-trans-1,4-cyclo-
hexanediol gel  in management of adult rosacea and acne.                 
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  Results Summary of the studies: Silny W. et al. 2005.   Efficacy and
safety of  cis-trans-1,4-cyclohexa-
nediol gel in case of adult patients with rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis and facial dermatitis. Advances in Dermatology and Allergology 22(6): 271-277.
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 Read full text of the article: Silny W.  et al. 2005.  Advances in Dermatology  and  Allergology
22(6): 271-277.                           
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Editor's Note

Rosacea, a skin disorder leading to facial redness and progressive inflammation, does not have a known impact on general health. However, its symptoms, especially at advanced stages, may profoundly effect a person's quality of life and compromise their social and professional contacts and achievements. In the United States alone, rosacea affects about 13 million men and women and it is one of the most common conditions seen by dermatologists. The high prevalence and social repercussions of the disorder create the need for a product that alleviates rosacea symptoms from very early stages and makes a difference in the well being of a rosacea sufferer.

We present a novel approach for the control of rosacea symptoms by introducing a new cosmetic product, Noredol® Skin Care Gel, that alleviates the appearance of redness and blemishes. The product is based on the patented use of 1,4-cyclohexanediol (Noredol®), a compound derived from menthol. The study presented here shows that a cosmetic formulation containing Noredol® improved skin appearance as measured by a number of clinical determinants, and diminished the appearance of rosacea symptoms at all stages of their progress. The study concludes that Noredol® Skin Care Gel is safe and effective for everyday cosmetic application. This is good news for rosacea and acne sufferers who seek to improve their skin appearance and build the self-confidence that leads to better personal and professional life.


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